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Alisha Ober

Children's illustrator. Open to licensing opportunities.

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stripes, orange, green, yellow, red, blue, halloween, white, black, sfaut1915off,

purple, brown, fall, autumn, holiday, birthday, teal, christmas, scatter, pumpkin, food, ocean, sea, thanksgiving, pink, tan, treat, dia de los muertos, candles, living coral, soap, rubber duck, octopus, sweet, balloons, kids, puppy, bubbles, party, seasonal, dogs, apple, four legged friend, dog days, celebration, celebrate, grid, spider, nautical, donut, duck, doughnut, breakfast, chocolate, boat, cake, cupcake, blocks, ballerina, ballet, pie, flowers, gold, animals, floral, paw prints, paws, hats, leaf, bath, aqua, raccoon, pear, angelfish, coastal, bat, wings, tutu, animal, starfish, balloon, crown, tiara, dance, candy cane, jack o lantern, frog, sea sheep, bread, lionfish, barre, presents, cloud, sky, wand, slippers, pufferfish, mistletoe, dog bowl, water drops, squirrel, acorn, checkerboard, candy canes, deer, ribbon, fruit, digital, toys, ghost, sleigh, fox, collar, cuttlefish, chew toy, candy, bee, colorful, santa, penguin, butterfly, croissant, watering can, ladybug, bell, bear, moon, ribbons, beach, pig, swine, watercolor, bird, wreath, shovel, owl, skull, float, lamp, dog, leotard, unicorn, mantis shrimp, elf, clouds, spooky, spiderweb, seagull, sloth, bows, confetti, cowfish, banner, seadragon, teddy bear, candle, candy corn, gray, sweets, hat, bow, stripe, present, spiderwebs, leaves, bright, spiders, turkey, bucket, tree, stuffed animal, paper cutouts, piggy, flying, jack o lantern, season, seaweed, floating, toy, jellyfish, turtle, woodland, happy, sugar skull, slipper
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