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A photo collage of artists behind a rainbow.

You are Welcome Here

More color, more pride.

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A headshot of Plant Kween behind plants.

Plant Kween

Christopher Griffin, also known as Plant Kween, is a Brooklyn-based educator, author of YOU GROW, GURL! Plant Kween’s Lush Guide to Growing your Garden, and gardener with a collection of more than 200 green plants (also known as “green gurls,”) in their apartment.  As a Black queer non-binary person, Christopher enjoys exploring creative and accessible ways to use plants as a catalyst to incite further conversations centering the empowerment of QTPOC (Queer and Trans People of Color) in the lush world of horticulture, to help people reconnect with nature, live more sustainable lives, and be more curious about of how they can contribute to making their lives and this planet greener.

"Spoonflower is my go-to for finding just the perfect wallpaper design for any project. I love how they offer such a wide array of options, each one unique and beautifully crafted. This vast selection allows me to express my creativity and individuality in ways that feel truly authentic."

– Christopher Griffin, Plant Kween

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Show Your Pride All Year Long

A pride inspired fabric stack.
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A Platform for Self-Expression

Headshot of Mx Domestic and side by side view of his fabric projects.

Mx Domestic

“I use Spoonflower because it’s a brand that allows me to be myself fully and a design marketspace that allows me to create anything that I might need for my creative fun or crafty business. Whether a one-off fabric or wallpaper design for my personal needs or something I’ve designed that I want others to make stuff with, Spoonflower helps me innovate in a way that wouldn’t be possible without them.”

– Mathew Boudreaux, Mx Domestic

A headshot of Velvet Hippo behind a room with peacock wallpaper.

The Velvet Hippo Bar & Lounge

The Velvet Hippo is a woman-owned neighborhood bar for everybody, perched on a rooftop in downtown Durham, North Carolina.

"We wanted to have a big statement wall when guests walked in the door that could convey at a glance just what kind of experience we offered. Something bright and fun, elegant but not too serious, and vacation-inspired without feeling like a “theme.” When our interior designer, Alva Horton, brought us this design from Spoonflower, we were immediately in love."

– Velvet Hippo

A headshot of Shapeshifters and them holding customize clothing.


Shapeshifters is a truly custom store — we make every product to fit the client in size, detail, accessibility, gender, and in style. For ten years we've been using Spoonflower to provide our customers with truly unique binders and sports bras (and coordinating face masks, thanks to Spoonflower's Small Business Grant). In 2024, we're celebrating Shapeshifters' 10th anniversary by launching The Cryptid Collection, the first ever Shapeshifters fashion collection, featuring the first ever binders and sports bras designed by us down to the fabric itself. For a business our size, that would not have been possible without Spoonflower.

A stack of fabric and a headshot Chris Marchini.

Chris Marchini

Rose City Originals

Chris Marchini is a quilt pattern designer putting his own unique twist on this timeless artform.

"Often I have an idea for a project, but finding the right print can be exhausting. Going from store to store, or even just hoping from website to website... but with Spoonflower I can type in a vague description of what I need and am usually presented with multiple options to pick from."

– Chris Marchini, Rose City Originals

A headshot of Terrance Williams and behind are four headbands created by him.

Terrance Williams

Terrance is a self-taught sewist and small business owner of asize inclusive and genderless brand, Terrance Williams Designs! He advocates for sustainability and human rights and believe in spreading love, light and positivity.

"I love getting fabric from Spoonflower not only because there are so many prints and patterns to choose from, but also because those prints and patterns are made by some of the most amazing and skilled artists and graphic designers. When I buy their prints, whether it's fabric or wallpaper, I know I am supporting them and their art and I love that!"

– Terrance Williams

Spoonflower offers fabric, wallpaper and home decor, made to order using unique designs from independent artists worldwide.

Artist hand painting flowers

Supporting Independent Artists

Behind every design is an independent artist from around the world who earns royalties on every item you purchase.

Wallpaper swatches spread on table

A Perfect Print for Every Project

With over one million designs to explore, you can find just what you need for your next DIY project or home refresh.

Person holding three throw pillows

Always in Stock

Because we print on demand, your favorite designs are always in stock on exactly the fabric or wallpaper type you need.

Printed with Care in USA

Every Spoonflower item you order is carefully printed, cut, sewn and packaged just for you – right here in the USA by our expert team.

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