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1941 Packard Convertible (peach on blue) fabric by edsel2084 on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 24 x 24 inches.

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By Andrea Enthal

Please click the New tab to enter my curated Cuisinart of abstract mirror designs borrowing from Victorian, Edwardian, paisley, and art nouveau, and my orphan cars, and very old ads.

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The 1941 Packard was the last car most people had an option to buy before the war. And if you got a peach convertible, you were styling.

The people who could afford to buy a 1941 Packard convertible in flashy peach probably had no concept that it was the last car they would be able to buy for at least a half decade.
A little thing called Pearl Harbor took United States car production away for the duration of the war.
But those people who did buy a 1941 Packard were driving in luxury and style.

(file xyy110PackardConv-ch, #5368662)

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