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A dark sepia wash on the scales by Su_G fabric by su_g on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 24 x 24 inches.

by su_g

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13.78in x 8.01in, 187 pixels/inch,
Satin-Finish Gift Wrap
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Roll (26" x 72")
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By Su Schaefer

Showing 'Weights + shadow weights': my Fitness Challenge entry. Still hoping things that don't work in the new website get fixed soon :-). Thanks as ever for sharing project pics, comments & faves on my designs! All designs©Su Schaefer All Rights Reserved

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'A dark sepia wash on the scales by Su_G': A dark sepia wash... leading to... 'Dark sepia dragon scale brocade by Su_G', a paired darker version. © Su Schaefer 2016
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Printed beautifully on basic cotton as shown in the thumbnail above (double click for a clearer view).

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Created from oil on canvas base designs, basic repeat.
[Currently set @ Fabric: 245 (proofed @ 245) ppi, Wallpaper: 214, Gift wrap: 187 ppi]

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su_g says: in art class we used to make a sepia wash using cold tea - this is a lot easier... and printed beautifully on basic cotton (@ 245 ppi).

su_g uploaded a fabric image for su_g's design A dark sepia wash on the scales by Su_G :


Posted almost 3 years ago.


su_g says: Thanks so much for your nice comment Tina, very much appreciated.

Posted almost 3 years ago.


ottomanbrim says: Love this so much in the sepia, so elegant!

Posted almost 3 years ago.