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celtlep panel fabric by sef on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 24 x 24 inches.

by sef

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Celtic knotwork panel with embedded leprechaun hats, gold coins and trefoil shamrock/clover leaf.

I teased apart some celtic knotwork to reveal the hiding place of a leprechaun ... and found the whole thing was infested with the little blighters.

Celtic knotwork panel with embedded leprechaun hats, gold coins and trefoil shamrock/clover leaf. Currently displaying a unidirectional version - with the shamrocks all oriented vertically. Note that the greens print somewhat darker and less fluorescent than they may appear on-screen.

The shamrocks/clovers are a naturalistic size when the panels are 2 or 3 inches across (with 2.5 suiting the decals best!). 4 inches would be more of a display size while 1 inch is a miniature / doll size. I can easily switch files (or re-scale with dpi) to match a particular application. Other colours, stylings, sizes and orientations are available on request and you can even ask for a combination of several designs together.

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sef says: It's a couple of years old now! I think it was originally done when I was still waiting for my first print tests (which revealed what a horrible mess the v1 colour profile was!). So it missed out on that year. Then my fixes to it made it look very dark on-screen (which probably didn't help the chances of the one I put up for sale later) and the collection needed a lot of reworking anyway. So the majority of them missed that next year too. And then the new colour profile stutters required me to proof representatives from the set another couple of times over the summer. But now I'm up against the Spoonflower website problems. So it's looking like these things are not destined to escape into the wild at all!

Posted about 5 years ago.


whimzwhirled says: What a great idea for a St. Patty's day fabric design!

Posted about 5 years ago.