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"Sand-wich, not Sand-witch!" fabric by anniedeb on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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By Deborah Astley

My designs are inspired by nature, words, music, personal experiences & memories. Please message me if you have any questions or requests.

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A cartoon from my first grade year.

There was no kindergarten at my grade school back in the 1950s so I began first grade as a five year old. I was in my reading group reading out of a "Dick and Jane" reader. I learned reading using the phonics method where each syllable in a word is sounded out deliberately. Well, we were reading a story about Dick, Jane and Sally going to the beach. Apparently they had taken sandwiches for a picnic. Well, in sounding out the word, "sand. . . . wich," I thought it meant "sand witch." I kept telling my teacher I had never seen a sand witch. Oh, my, she got quite upset with me. "Of course, you have. You've eaten sandwiches, haven't you?" I think she though I was being deliberately obtuse but I wasn't. I was just obtuse!! :-)

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anniedeb says: Thank you, Sylvie. Yes, my first grade teacher made a huge impression on me. Thanks so much for your comments and for taking a look at the design.

Posted over 4 years ago.


paysmage says: Love the word game ! As well as your story about it ! I think everyone had some kind of misunderstood with - at least - a teacher, yours is specially funny !

Posted over 4 years ago.


anniedeb says: Haha! Kim, that incident remains burned in my memory. When the teacher began quizzing me about sandwiches, my reading buddies started laughing. It's funny what stays with a person. It's nice Spoonflower is here as a cathartic tool. ;-) Appreciate so much your comments.

Posted over 4 years ago.


kimruss@thatcatart says: AARGH...why is there always that one(or more)obtuse teacher(s) in our lives! You created a wonderful collection of coordinates in "Neighborhood" in spite of it though!

Posted over 4 years ago.