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  Ace Badges print fabric by warmcanofcoke on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 24 x 24 inches.

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By Nathan King

As a cosplayer, anime and science fiction enthusiast, and fan, I often look for fabric that lets me make a costume of a character from a movie, book, or series. Sometimes I can't find the specialty fabric I'm looking for, and then I try to design it.

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Reproductions of Ace's harder to find badges. Completely made with photoshop. buy an 8" x 8" test swatch in your favorite material for just $5. For

Reproductions of Ace's harder to find badges. Completely made with photoshop. For the complete list of badges see:

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ace_baby_ says: You rock, Warmcanofcoke. Thank you!!

Posted over 1 year ago.


doctorgeek says: hi, love the patches! Can you make these dollsized? like for american girl or Barbie? thanx

Posted over 1 year ago.


warmcanofcoke says: I'm Sorry to hear that. Please Contact Spoonflower- They Print and Ship the fabric - I only made the design.

Posted almost 3 years ago.


romanace says: I never received it !!

Posted almost 3 years ago.


jenniferbevill says: Recieved my order in the mail today and they look awsome can't wait to put these on my ace jacket.

Posted about 3 years ago.


warmcanofcoke says: @le_letha Flattery will get you everywhere <Blush> You are very welcome <3

Posted about 4 years ago.


le_letha says: You DARLING. You have just saved me WEEKS of failing to make these for myself and probably quite a bit of bloodshed as I accidentally stabbed myself with embroidery needles and broke down in tears. This has made me VERY happy. Best cosplay bargain ever! These were the big problems I was facing in my cosplay project and you are now my hero. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Posted about 4 years ago.


warmcanofcoke says: @ jackdempsey - glad I could help - My personal favorite fabric here is the "heavy cotton twill" - upholstery weight fabric lasts longer and is longer lasting. I've never seen the original Ace jacket up close so I don't know which fabric would be more screen accurate. The Prices for a 8" x 8" test swatch - which by the way is the size of the pattern here is only $5 plus shipping in any fabric they offer here. So you should be set. I purchased a set for myself and then glued it to some felt with felt glue to simulate the illusion of patches. I hope this helps

Posted over 4 years ago.


jackdempsey says: Currently replicating your design on A4 printable fabric, as demonstrated below. However am looking for a more screen accurate fabric. Could I ask you what you recommend is the best fabric for this job please? Oh and thank you for your badge map by the way, it was invaluable in building my daughters jacket. :)

Posted over 4 years ago.


warmcanofcoke says: @ dr__who_ace - So far mine have held up. I attached the fabric to felt with felt glue and then sewed it on to my ace jacket. They still look lovely.

Posted over 4 years ago.


dr__who_ace says: do they last as much as normal patches ?

Posted over 4 years ago.


warmcanofcoke says: Hi gabi-hime, I'm glad you like my Ace badges. I try to be Cosplay friendly. =D

Posted about 5 years ago.


gabi-hime says: Very smart move. Way to get her badges in one go.

Posted about 6 years ago.