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Rinnasei, Chinese Poet - Art from Japan fabric by telden on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 24 x 24 inches.

by telden

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A former jewelry designer, I come from a family of writers and artists. Designing fabric is turning out to be one of the most thrilling enterprises ever - a true technical and creative challenge.

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Drawn by a Japanese artist from the mid 19th century, the poet Rinnasei is depicted here in ink in breezy lines.

Rinnasei was an early 11th century (Song Dynasty) poet from China and a subject that fascinated traditional Japanese artists because of his self-imposed seclusion and his habit of dramatically discarding of his own compositions. Fortunately, some of his verses were saved. Usually he is depicted with symbols of the New Year. Here he is with two children and a bird thought to be a rhea. His staunch devotion to his art makes him a symbol of creative eccentricity.

I cleaned up the drawing, altered the color scheme to a warm gray, and arranged it in a close repeat in order to give it the feel of a darker, busier, more casual toile de jouy. Though darkening the lines was necessary, I liked the weathered effect of the original and kept some of that to retain the feel of classic inkwork.

Note that as in all historical accounts, there is some uncertainty of who exactly Rinnasei was. Not only is his name spelled differently at different times - for example, it is also sometimes spelled Rin Wasei or Rin Kwa Sei - but he was also known by different names, like Lin Hejing, and his identity as the poet Lin Pu/Lin Bu and Lin Ho-tsing (or Hwo-Ching) could potentially be disputed...rather as Shakespeare's identity as a man or even as one person is disputed. Historians use their best guesses, but have limited documentation to work with.

This print is on a large scale, but check with me if your project demands a smaller scale. I think this would look especially fabulous on interior decor projects. With its neutral, subtle colors and traditional feel, it's an unusual and exotic conversation piece.

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amyvail says: Very beautiful! There's something deeply calming and charming about this fabric.

Posted over 4 years ago.


telden says:

telden uploaded a fabric image for telden's design Rinnasei, Chinese Poet - Art from Japan :


Posted over 4 years ago.