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Falcon Feather Kamon/Crest - denim and yellow/gold fabric by materialsgirl on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 24 x 24 inches.

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By Materialsgirl (Cal)

Japanese - influenced designs, & textural explorations, digitally created, altered & enhanced. My Roostery Shop - custom designed products:

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A Japanese family crest or 'kamon' of two crossed falcon feathers in gold with stonewashed demin.

Size/scale alterations available.

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materialsgirl says: Thank you for the kind comments on this collection Amy and Su! Su I had not heard the term 'shot weave' before so thanks for that link. Not sure how iridescent they would look especially in the silks as I've only seen them in linens and cotton but I do see the weave characteristics you are referring to in these designs and am now curious to see them in a silk.

Posted over 1 year ago.


su_g says: Yes! Beautiful color blending on the textures - I really like these 'shot weave' designs, very elegant as Tina says. [I looked it up to see if I was using the correct term - if there was such a term as I mainly know shot silks, altho' the Balinese do lovely shot cottons too - and found this interesting little article in Wikipedia:]

Posted over 1 year ago.


amy_g says: Such a lovely and versatile design....great job!

Posted over 1 year ago.


materialsgirl says: Ottomanbrim, thank you so much for those kind and encouraging words!

Posted over 1 year ago.


ottomanbrim says: So elegant, so beautiful! I love your textures and perfect shapes!

Posted over 1 year ago.


anniedeb says: Oh, I like this one too. "Falcon Feather Crest" is a lovely collection, Cal.

Posted almost 2 years ago.