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Buckeye Butterfly Wings fabric by bonnie_phantasm on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 24 x 24 inches.

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By Bonnie Phantasm

In case you'd like to order any of my designs in different colors/sizes, please don't hesitate to send me a message! I'm also available for custom work and open to ideas - and I have a Cafepress store for my designs too!

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Butterfly wings - large enough to make a butterfly dress or skirt!

Butterfly wings - large enough to make a butterfly dress or skirt!

Making a butterfly skirt is simple - first, trace along the edges of each wing using Fray Check (which will keep you from having to finish those edges with seams).
Then cut the butterfly wings out, and attach them to a waistband at their 'base' (where they would be connected to the butterfly's body), letting them overlap by approximately half of their scale.
Also sew in a (shorter) lining. You can partially carefully baste the upper part of the wings to that lining, so they can't shift too much.
Depending on how full you want the skirt to be, you will need between four and ten single wings to make it (of course you can always use more if you want it to be very full!).

You can use parts of a wing to cover a bodice, so you could create an entire butterfly dress.
Of course you could also create large butterfly wings; all you would have to do is to add strong wire to the edges of the wings and pin them to your clothing.

This is a large scale design - one yard of fabric will give you two butterfly wings - and those are 'just' rotated by 180 degrees, not mirrored (meaning, if they're cut out, you have two exactly the same butterfly wings!).
In case you need mirrored wings (as in, left and right wings), please order two yards of fabric, since the wings will be mirrored every second yard. So ordering two yards will give you two pairs of butterfly wings.

This design is optimized to print on 42 inches wide fabrics; I recommend having it printed on Cotton Poplin. In case you need a setup for a less wide fabric, like the cotton silk (where the wings would be partially 'cut off' in this layout!), please send me a message!

If you would like to order a swatch to see what the colors look like when printed, I recommend ordering a swatch of my "Butterflies invasion" design. This design has all of my butterfly designs in it, just at a much smaller scale - but the colors are the same as in the large scale, 'single' fabric prints.

Please also have a look at the other 'Butterfly' designs in my "Chasing Butterflies" collection here on Spoonflower.

As usual, if you would like to order this design at a different scale or in different colors, please don't hesitate to send me a message - I can quickly set that up for you.

If you were always wondering how different colors print on the various fabrics that Spoonflower offers, please do have a look at my website where I have quite a few comprehensive photos of color swatches printed on various fabrics!

If you like my designs, please like my page on Facebook!

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patsijean says: This design, and several similar layouts are outstanding as wallpaper! I pinned this to my wallpaper folder.

Posted over 2 years ago.


mariao says: a wonderfull idea! beautifull dress!

Posted over 5 years ago.


bonnie_phantasm says: This is my Ultimate Luxury Platinum Tyler Wentworth, wearing a butterfly dress I made for her. <br> The dress was made using scaled-down versions of my <a href="" rel="nofollow">"Chasing Butterflies"</a> fabric collection. <br> On Spoonflower they're scaled to enable people to make human-sized butterfly dresses; but with my scaled-down swatches, I could make a doll-sized butterfly dress. <br> Hope you like :-)

bonnie_phantasm uploaded a project image link for bonnie_phantasm's design Buckeye Butterfly Wings :


Posted over 5 years ago.


bonnie_phantasm says: A photo of an 8x8 inches large swatch of this design, printed on quilting weight cotton. Note that this swatch shows the design scaled down to fit on a swatch; on Spoonflower, it is set up to fill a yard of fabric (opposed to an 8x8 inches swatch)! In case you should need this design fit on a swatch like in this photo, you have to send me a message so I can set that up for you.

bonnie_phantasm uploaded a fabric image for bonnie_phantasm's design Buckeye Butterfly Wings :


Posted over 5 years ago.