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Rococo: Marie Antoinette's Boudoir - painted fabric by bonnie_phantasm on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 24 x 24 inches.

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By Bonnie Phantasm

In case you'd like to order any of my designs in different colors/sizes, please don't hesitate to send me a message! I'm also available for custom work and open to ideas - and I have a Cafepress store for my designs too!

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A printed reproduction of the fabric that was, instead of wallpaper, used to decorate the walls of Marie Antoinette's bedroom at Versailles.

Stylized, "painted" (I offer another version with an "embroidered" look in my store; but this here imitates a 'painted' look) reproduction of the floral fabric that was used in Marie Antoinette's bedroom at Versailles to decorate the walls - you can see it in photos of Versailles and also in the Marie Antoinette Movie.
The movie used a painted version; the original is woven in a 'lampas' weave, which looks a lot like embroidery.
The background color is HEX #dddfea - a very pale greyish blue - you can see an example of it here.
The repeat of this design is 35.07 x 36 inches - a bit smaller than the original fabric but still considerably large - on fabric and smaller at 24 x 24.63 inches on wallpaper.
Note that the Spoonflower preview is blurred; this is not the case on the design itself. Try to view it at the 'Test swatch' size, which shows less blurred than the yardage repeat size.

This design is also available printed on many other products on Cafepress as well as on Zazzle!

If you were always wondering how different colors print on the various fabrics that Spoonflower offers, please do have a look at my website where I have quite a few comprehensive photos of color swatches printed on various fabrics!

If you like my designs, please like my page on Facebook!

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joanmclemore says: Love the roccoco designs!

Posted over 6 years ago.


bonnie_phantasm says: Comparing the printed swatches of the 'painted' (left) to the 'embroidered' (right) version. Click to see the details!

bonnie_phantasm uploaded a fabric image for bonnie_phantasm's design Rococo: Marie Antoinette's Boudoir - painted :


Posted almost 7 years ago.


mellymellow says: Well THIS is really funny, I faved this design last week without even knowing you were someone I already "knew" (well I knew your work ;)). It's a very small world ! Then I'll say it again, this is a beautiful design ;) I try to recreate Rococo fabrics too as I'm a 18th century lover They were so complicated at this period haha :) You should post a pic of your dining room once it's finished! ♥♥♥ It seems that we love the same things :) Have a nice day!

Posted about 7 years ago.


bonnie_phantasm says: Thank you! Yes, it was a lot of work to come up with a detailed version; but I think it was completely worth it - I think I must make dining room curtains, chair covers and tablecloths from this design; I love it to bits :-) Personally, I like the 'embroidered' version even better than this painted version :-)

Posted about 7 years ago.


mellymellow says: What a complicated work! Congrats! ♥

Posted about 7 years ago.