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Current Design Challenge: Hexagons

Spoonflower Staff Opposites Attract - 2017-04-04
It would be an understatement to say the team working behind the scenes at the Spoonflower HQ is a creative bunch. Whether we’re sewing up sample projects to test new fabrics or creating designs for our personal Spoonflower or Etsy shops, the creative juices are always flowing! However, as many of you may already know, Spoonflower employees must hang up our weekly Design Challenge hat once we start working here, as employees are not eligible to enter contests. Enter the annual Staff Challenge! The theme of our Staff Challenge this year is “Opposites Attract.” The twist is that each employee submits a theme inspired by opposites, then the themes will get scrambled up and distributed out, so each participant is given an Opposites theme that was submitted by someone else. Employees will be given a week to create our designs, then the community (that’s you!) gets to vote as normal.

Paper-Cut Florals - 2017-04-11
April showers bring floral design challenges! After you take a short break during the Annual Employee Design Challenge, that is. That's right folks, for the first week of April the tables will turn and Spoonflower staff members get to put on our designer-hats to face off in a beloved annual tradition. Inspired by the constant strive for balance, this year's theme is Opposites Attract. Employees submit designs, and the community votes on a favorite. Take that week to visit some gardens and gather inspiration, because the rest of the month is dedicated to floral designs with a twist. Read on to find out more.

Calliope - Geometric Floral Aqua Pink & Gold

Instructions and rules for our design challenges appear on our upcoming challenges page.

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