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The emerging designer grant application is currently closed.
Please check back this August for details on how to apply for an upcoming grant.
Spoonflower Emerging Designer Grant

Allows students to create custom fabric and wall media for use in fashion shows or exhibitions.

Supports emerging student designers.

Boosts usage of digitally printed fabrics and wall media.

Increases awareness of the capabilities of digital printing.

The Spoonflower Emerging Designer Grant was created to support undergraduate and graduate students in pursuit of textile and design degrees worldwide. Selected recipients will receive an award of Spoonflower credit to design their own digitally printed fabrics and wall media for use in shows and exhibitions.


How to Apply

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Before You Apply?


Any student currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate textile or fashion design program is eligible to apply. Proof of enrollment is required. Please provide one of the following:

  • A transcript or class list for the current term (must include the date/term)
  • A copy or picture of your student ID (must include an expiration date or term)
  • A tuition bill for the current term (must include the date/term)
  • An official acceptance letter for the upcoming term (must include the matriculation date)

How to Apply

The emerging designer grant application is currently closed. Please check back this August for details on how to apply for an upcoming grant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do garments have to contain only Spoonflower fabrics?

Fabric purchased using Spoonflower Emerging Designer Grant funds may be used in combination with other fabrics in your collection or exhibition.

Are there any recommended tutorials or design tools to help with using your site?

Yes, there are! Try these for starters:

Do I have to order a swatch before I order my my fabric, wallpaper, or gift wrap?

In order to achieve expected colors we recommend ordering a swatch of your design before printing large amounts to ensure you are happy with colors, repeat, size, etc.

Do I have to sell my designs on Spoonflower? Can they be private?

You retain ownership of your designs and are welcome to keep them private or sell them through Spoonflower.

Am I now a Spoonflower designer? As in “Kelly Wiseman designing for Spoonflower”

Sorry, unfortunately not. We don't represent or license designers.

Can I use the Spoonflower logo in my presentation / visuals?

Upon acceptance, you will receive access to a vector version of the Spoonflower logo and guidelines on how to properly display it.

My project is done. Do I need to send anything to Spoonflower?

We are planning to highlight a few designer stories on our blog to let the Spoonflower community know what awesome new designers are working on, and we may contact you about being featured in a blog post. In the meantime, feel free to send us photos or links to your shows and exhibitions. We'd love to see your project!

Questions before you apply?

If you have any questions about the grant please use the form below to send us a note.

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