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Spoonflower Design Challenge: What's the New Owl?

What's The New Owl? Designs

Spoonflower Design Challenge: May 02, 2012

We set out to unthrone the owl from its perch as the king of all crafty critters and today we're pleased, and slightly surprised, to be able to announce that the new owl is... snails. This week's winner is the lovely "Snails On Parade" by San Diego designer Cheyanne Sammons. On a pure critter-for-critter count, let it not go un-noted that there are two hedgehog fabrics in this week's top ten, which leaves open the door for a slight argument as to which creature is really the new owl. You be the judge. All of the top ten are terrific. Read more about <a href="">Snails Are the New Owl</a>.

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Zodiac Tea Towel

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