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Pantone just released their color of the year, Greenery! We knew we had to pay homage by including it in a sewing-themed limited color palette contest. Please use hex code #88B04B (greenery) #000000 or #FFFFFF (black, white or both) & ONE color of your choice. Please use full opacity of greenery & black. Previewed at a 21" x 18" fat quarter, must repeat. See for more details.


Did you know that January is National Hobby Month? As the new year begins, we all set new goals and refocus on learning new things, improving, and challenging ourselves with hobbies. Here at Spoonflower we are proud to enable your hobbies whether that’s design, sewing, or both! To celebrate this month, we’re launching a design challenge each week that’s inspired by a creative hobby (with a twist, of course). Are you up to the challenge?


One popularly voted grand-prize winner will receive $200 in Spoonflower credit. The 2nd place winner will receive $100 in Spoondollars. The 3rd place winner will receive $50 in Spoondollars. The rest of the top 10 winners will receive $20 in Spoonflower credit. The top 25 popularly voted designs (provided the designers are already verified sellers) will be automatically made available for sale in the Marketplace where they will receive 10% commission on every sale — no $5.00 swatch required! In addition to cash prizes, the top 10 will receive additional exposure in our email newsletters, professional photography of their printed designs, and social media mentions.

The Winner

The rest of the Top 10

The full list of entries and votes

  1. 399 votes for Mosaic Sewing Notions by vo_aka_virginiao
  2. 221 votes for Garden of Sewing Supplies - Original Limited Palette by run_quiltgirl_run
  3. 211 votes for Hand-sewn Succulents Celebrating Greenery by hnldesigns
  4. 207 votes for Thread Garden by lellobird
  5. 192 votes for Notion to sew by ebygomm
  6. 190 votes for Greenery sewing notions in snowflake mandalas by calendulaandtape
  7. 189 votes for pins and needles by scrummy
  8. 174 votes for Boro by Friztin by friztin
  9. 168 votes for Sewing Wonderland by ollyka
  10. 167 votes for Sewing Fancy Tatts by cynthiafrenette
  11. 166 votes for Sewn Across the Sky - Greenery by ceciliamok
  12. 160 votes for graphic succulents greenery by heleen_vd_thillart
  13. 156 votes for Sewing in Green by bora
  14. 152 votes for sew buttons by ottomanbrim
  15. 141 votes for Stacks of Cotton (+pink) by seesawboomerang
  16. 138 votes for Sewing Essentials by robyriker
  17. 134 votes for Greenery grey by molliemargaret
  18. 126 votes for Greenery / Pins by matite
  19. 122 votes for (private design)
  20. 121 votes for Sewing Objects on Cutting Mat by mariafaithgarcia
  21. 120 votes for Nimble Thimbles (Fresh) by brendazapotosky
  22. 117 votes for Organic Spirals by patternopolis
  23. 116 votes for Sew Lovely by lisa_kubenez
  24. 115 votes for Sewing Swatches by siya
  25. 115 votes for Scissor stars - spruce on fresh green by weavingmajor
  26. 111 votes for Greenery sewing by kostolom3000
  27. 106 votes for Safety pin chevrons with pink hearts by pamelachi
  28. 106 votes for Sewing Greenery by hollybender
  29. 105 votes for Little Green Machine by j9design
  30. 103 votes for Sew what? by skbird
  31. 102 votes for Button Mess by mariaspeyer
  32. 101 votes for Sewing in the Seventies by ftgirl
  33. 100 votes for SewingLimitedPallet by amyjeanne_wpg
  34. 100 votes for My sewing table jumble - pink on green by pinky_wittingslow
  35. 98 votes for 06014305 © SC64 pinwheel cottonreel button : spoonflower0372 by sef
  36. 97 votes for Pin Cushions and Needles by tbdprints
  37. 96 votes for Decorative Stitches by dunnspun
  38. 95 votes for Its SEW green by art-with-ali
  39. 94 votes for Sew What? by edsel2084
  40. 93 votes for Cheerful Studio by orangefancy
  41. 92 votes for sewing limited palette by marta_strausa
  42. 92 votes for Bobbins in Shades of Green by themadcraftduckie
  43. 90 votes for Sea of Greenery by modernrosie
  44. 89 votes for Vintage sewing by elena_naylor
  45. 88 votes for Abstract Stitched Greenery by whyitsme_design
  46. 86 votes for Stitching up a Garden by elramsay
  47. 86 votes for Periwinkle and Greenery by jpweaver
  48. 85 votes for Dress_Forms by eraerica
  49. 84 votes for ltd_quilt_2 by leroyj
  50. 82 votes for Button-holed! by Su_G_©SuSchaefer by su_g
  51. 80 votes for helping cinderella (black) by analinea
  52. 79 votes for Sewing_Greenery_Medallions by kfrogb
  53. 78 votes for (private design)
  54. 76 votes for sewing pattern by sevas
  55. 74 votes for Sewing Symbols by paula_ohreen_designs
  56. 72 votes for Retro Pins/Black by menny
  57. 70 votes for No Regrets in Sewing by jennifer_todd
  58. 69 votes for Running_with_Sewing_Shears by elise_camp
  59. 67 votes for needle and thread sewing damask by beesocks
  60. 67 votes for Sewing Stitches 3 Color by pond_ripple
  61. 62 votes for Greenery_Pattern by dream_go_explore
  62. 62 votes for Sewing Dinosaurs by mia_valdez
  63. 61 votes for Greenery Thumb on Black Applique by bloomingwyldeiris
  64. 54 votes for Sewing ABC Greenery by marketa_stengl
  65. 53 votes for Life by danielleellanbrown
  66. 52 votes for Stitchit Green by hannafate
  67. 52 votes for Sewing Bee and Hemmingbird by eclectic_house
  68. 50 votes for SEWING BEE by bluevelvet
  69. 49 votes for antique étui by enid_a
  70. 47 votes for Sewing Greenery by daniteal
  71. 46 votes for My Sewing Helpers by sewindigo
  72. 43 votes for haberdashery half-drop by josiewhitmoreso
  73. 42 votes for Geometric Hearts 2016 December by deanna_konz
  74. 42 votes for Crazy Quilt by byre_wilde
  75. 41 votes for mondrian-inspired greenery by azuldelcielo
  76. 41 votes for (private design)
  77. 41 votes for Embroidery Scissors Sew Love Pattern by pixabo
  78. 41 votes for Sewing_in_the_Spring by designcrib_by_nabomita
  79. 40 votes for It's Sew Good to be Green by ally_the_junebug
  80. 40 votes for Green quilt by galina_bolshakova
  81. 39 votes for Stipple Stitchery by jilbert
  82. 38 votes for Greenery Machinery by graceful
  83. 38 votes for sewing_motifs_and_terms by anino
  84. 37 votes for Growing_vines by di@ne
  85. 37 votes for Sewing Greenery by malibu_creative
  86. 37 votes for Sewing Patterns For Pockets by ruthjohanna
  87. 36 votes for Green Pattern by hermes_greetings
  88. 36 votes for (private design)
  89. 36 votes for Sewing Love by woolandtie
  90. 34 votes for sew-sweet by wattenberger
  91. 32 votes for sewing greenery fair isle MED -3 shades by drapestudio
  92. 32 votes for Sew Many Projects-Sew Little Time by franbail
  93. 32 votes for Quilted Stitches by julia_diane
  94. 32 votes for Caterpillars in stitches by lauraflorencedesign
  95. 32 votes for SEWhappy by christinelynnjohansen
  96. 31 votes for SPOOLS_OF_GREEN-01 by soobloo
  97. 31 votes for Patchwork by prettyprint
  98. 29 votes for You Got Owned by your sewing machine, large scale, green purple violet orchid lilac lavender by amy_g
  99. 29 votes for Sewing by olgart
  100. 29 votes for A Scatter of Dainty Buttons by rhondadesigns
  101. 28 votes for Sew Upholstery greenery by colour_angel_by_kv
  102. 28 votes for Sewing Green by visualpoetry
  103. 27 votes for (private design)
  104. 27 votes for AR_Challenge_Sewing-03 by atagar1
  105. 26 votes for Limited Palette Star Abstract by b2b
  106. 26 votes for Greenery Limited Palette by buzy_bee
  107. 24 votes for (private design)
  108. 24 votes for Greenilicious quilt by purva_m
  109. 23 votes for A Common Hazard of Sewing by anniedeb
  110. 21 votes for Fashion by palusalu
  111. 18 votes for Green_competition by pru
  112. 18 votes for IMG_20160701_0001-ch-ch-ch by kae50
  113. 18 votes for (private design)
  114. 18 votes for Needle & Thread by inniv8z_oz
  115. 17 votes for GreenerySew by belana
  116. 17 votes for Ganja Greenery by camomoto
  117. 16 votes for greenery_Tribal by mimix
  118. 16 votes for Sewing Pattern by spunkygooseberry
  119. 16 votes for Sew Punk! by pattern_junkie
  120. 16 votes for green_tea by isabella_asratyan
  121. 15 votes for ISEW1 by grannynan
  122. 15 votes for Restricted Palette Greenery - Turtle Nesting Dreams2 by zsmama
  123. 12 votes for Greenery Sewing Notions by islandmama10
  124. 11 votes for Quilting with Spoonflower Fabrics by gargoylesentry
  125. 9 votes for Sewing Grid by wilkesgal12
  126. 8 votes for Making Mends by pameladaileydesign
  127. 7 votes for Sewing Machine Zen by esheepdesigns
  128. 3 votes for sewin_textile by retin

Limited Color Palette Sewing Details

  • The deadline for entries is Tuesday, December 27, 2016 at 3 PM EDT.
  • Designs will be previewed at 150 DPI in a fat quarter size (21” x 18”) on the voting ballot.
  • All designs will be eligible for public voting, and the popular vote determines the top 25 winning designs. The grand-prize winner will be the fabric design with the most votes.
  • Designs previously published on the Internet are not eligible for this contest. Designs do not require printed proofing to enter the contest.
  • Moderation will take place at the close of the contest deadline.
  • See our blog page for even more Design Challenge details and a list of previous themes.


  • 12/16/2016: Submissions open
  • 12/27/2016: Submissions close at 3pm EST
  • 12/29/2016: Public voting opens
  • 01/04/2017: Public voting ends at 3pm EST
  • 01/05/2017: Spoonflower will announce the winner

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