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We mustache you a question, although to be honest, we’ve considered shaving it for later. Are you as eggcited about this challenge as we are? Inspired by the pun master in all of us, this week’s challenge is taking a playful turn thanks to the jokes that make us giggle. If you’ve been wanting to try your hand at typography, this is the challenge for you!


Entries will be submitted at the Linen Cotton Canvas fat quarter size (27″ x 18”) but automatically previewed during voting as a Roostery x Spoonflower Special Edition Tea Towel. Follow the guidelines on the Spoonflower blog to ensure your design looks beautiful as both an unfinished Fat Quarter on Spoonflower and a finished tea towel on Roostery.


  • One first place winner each week will receive a $200 Roostery credit, a $200 Spoonflower credit and one custom Linen Cotton Canvas Ultra Spoonflower Edition tea towel in their own winning design from Roostery ($17 value).
  • The 2nd place winner will receive a $100 Spoonflower credit and one custom Linen Cotton Canvas Ultra Spoonflower Edition tea towel in their own winning design from Roostery ($17 value).
  • The 3rd place winner will receive a $50 Spoonflower credit and one custom Linen Cotton Canvas Ultra Spoonflower Edition tea towel in their own winning design from Roostery ($17 value)
  • Remaining top 10 designs will receive a $20 Spoonflower credit and one custom Linen Cotton Canvas Ultra Spoonflower Edition tea towel in their own winning design from Roostery ($17 value).
  • The top 50 popularly-voted designs from each theme will be automatically made available for sale in the Spoonflower Marketplace (provided they are a verified seller) where they will receive 10% commission on every sale -- no $5 swatch required.

The Winner

Iron Man - Tea Towel

The rest of the Top 10

The full list of entries and votes

  1. 386 votes for Iron Man - Tea Towel by ceciliamok
  2. 315 votes for Be Grate-ful by michele_norris
  3. 314 votes for Don’t Go Bacon My Heart, I Couldn’t if I Fried by red_raspberry_design
  4. 300 votes for Sshhh... Quiet Peas by mulberry_tree
  5. 295 votes for Donut worry bee frappe by kostolom3000
  6. 294 votes for Eat More HOLE Foods by katerhees
  7. 291 votes for Just Roll With It by abearcub
  8. 273 votes for Don´t make jokes about tofu by whimsical_brush
  9. 272 votes for RV There Yet - Retro Camper Pun Tea Towel by heatherdutton
  10. 271 votes for Owl do the Dishes Tea Towel by lisakling
  11. 270 votes for Lettuce Spend Some Thyme Together by dunnspun
  12. 265 votes for My Mexican Food Addiction is NACHO Problem // Punny Tea Towel for Taco + Burrito Lovers by zirkus_design
  13. 252 votes for You Make My Heart Beet tea towel by heleen_vd_thillart
  14. 250 votes for Bake the World a Better Place by lisa_kubenez
  15. 233 votes for Don’t be afraid to take whisks by lauren_faye_peachey
  16. 231 votes for Alpacalypse Tea Towel by goatfeatherfarm
  17. 229 votes for Tea-riffic Times - It's a punderful life Tea Towel Challenge by sandra_hutter_designs
  18. 219 votes for I Dig Gardening Tea Towel by aishwaryaillustrates
  19. 215 votes for Squeeze the day tea towel with border by jillpauli
  20. 215 votes for Hang in there by cjldesigns
  21. 213 votes for veggie_fruit_pun by tinastextiles
  22. 208 votes for Knit Happens by cynthiafrenette
  23. 207 votes for Eat More "Hole" Foods by sarah_treu
  24. 207 votes for Hey Macaron-a! by nanshizzle
  25. 186 votes for Long Time No Sea Tea Towel by j9design
  26. 185 votes for youbakemecrazy by gaiamarfurt
  27. 184 votes for We're Rooting For You by diseminger
  28. 181 votes for Eat More Hole Foods Tea Towel & Wall Hanging* by pennycandy
  29. 181 votes for For fox sake! Tea towel by katie_hayes
  30. 181 votes for Nothing is Impastable by nofontsgivenco
  31. 176 votes for Im Here for the Boos by latheandquill
  32. 172 votes for Hedge-Hog Tea Towel by adenaj
  33. 166 votes for Shiitake Tea Towel by little_lizzie_design
  34. 161 votes for We're made PHO each other2 by lorloves_design
  35. 159 votes for I love you so matcha! by kondratya
  36. 159 votes for oh snappy day! by lilalunis
  37. 156 votes for I Love You Berry Berry Much! by natalee_wegmann
  38. 155 votes for Sip Sip hooray! by natalia_gonzalez
  39. 152 votes for Every Morning My Coffee Gets Mugged by wickedrefined
  40. 150 votes for EVERY DAY I'M BRUSSELIN' by cityette
  41. 150 votes for Be a fungi tea towel by robinpickens
  42. 149 votes for Happy Bird Day! Tea Towel by pinkdeer
  43. 146 votes for That's a moray romantic pun tea towel by beesocks
  44. 146 votes for Art Geco (tea towel) by kjthoon
  45. 145 votes for Big Dill by thewellingtonboot
  46. 144 votes for pour decisions grey and mulberry by live&cre8
  47. 141 votes for Otter This World Towel by vinpauld
  48. 141 votes for Toadally sick of dishes by stacystudios
  49. 140 votes for So Egg-cited Tea Towel by willowbirdstudio
  50. 139 votes for The Spotted Leopard by bridgettstahlman
  51. 137 votes for Humorous Apple Varieties by lemon_chiffon
  52. 137 votes for Romaine calm. by anda
  53. 135 votes for Sweet Little Pup-Cakes / Tea Towel by franbail
  54. 132 votes for Guac-n-Roll by sew-me-a-garden
  55. 131 votes for Wetness Protection Program by shanzart
  56. 131 votes for Whatever Floats Your Goat by jennifer_todd
  57. 131 votes for We’re “mint” to be - Tea Towel by new_branch_studio
  58. 131 votes for Let's paws and reflect! by camcreative
  59. 131 votes for Puns Tea Towel Cute Fruits and Vegetables by pear_tree_trail
  60. 130 votes for Pies for You Tea Towel by kimblissdesign
  61. 129 votes for i love you... by melanie_jane_designs
  62. 129 votes for I BeLeaf in you by writtenbykristen
  63. 128 votes for Drama Llama - No Probllama! Tea Towel by twix
  64. 127 votes for You are dino-mite punderful quote TEA TOWEL // oxford navy blue background paper blue grey and white origami dinosaurs by selmacardoso
  65. 124 votes for Spoonflower Makes Me Sew Happy by orangefancy
  66. 122 votes for Toucan Play Tea Towel by seesawboomerang
  67. 122 votes for (private design)
  68. 121 votes for (private design)
  69. 119 votes for (private design)
  70. 119 votes for koala tea tea towel by laurawrightstudio
  71. 118 votes for teatowell_hedge by alvalumos
  72. 117 votes for Pun_Tea_Towel_World_Peas by quick_brown_fox
  73. 117 votes for Baker Tea Towel by southwind
  74. 117 votes for It's Wine O'clock! by vo_aka_virginiao
  75. 117 votes for (private design)
  76. 115 votes for PANCATS tea towel by scrummy
  77. 115 votes for Paw-casso Teatowel by peppermintpatty
  78. 114 votes for Lemonade/lemon-aide tea towel by tiffanyagam
  79. 114 votes for Eat More Hole Foods TEA TOWEL by cerigwen
  80. 114 votes for RAMEN LOVE WITH YOU! by hnldesigns
  81. 113 votes for I'm a Teepee I'm a Wigwam Pun Tea Towel by megannorrell
  82. 113 votes for We are the champignons... by ariellelouise
  83. 112 votes for (private design)
  84. 112 votes for Shakespeare-in-the-Kitchen Pun Tea Towel by bmfabricdesigns
  85. 112 votes for Don't Go Baking My Heart by laughndazy
  86. 111 votes for You Are Sew Amazing by lanrete58
  87. 110 votes for sushis by la_fabriken
  88. 109 votes for Carrot On Tea Towel by lellobird
  89. 108 votes for Nevertheless She Purrsisted by jennablackzen
  90. 107 votes for (private design)
  91. 106 votes for (private design)
  92. 106 votes for Have a Brewtiful Morning! by oliveandruby
  93. 105 votes for You're Turtley Awesome by artsytoocreations
  94. 105 votes for BEAN thinking about you by cathleenbronsky
  95. 104 votes for Thyme and Seasoning Tea Towel by elramsay
  96. 103 votes for Pickle-ish Tea Towel by bexdsgn
  97. 100 votes for Chilly Chilies Tea Towel by swrl
  98. 100 votes for Berrylicious is My Jam by redpumpkinstudio
  99. 100 votes for I WHALE ALWAYS LOVE YOU sewindigo by sewindigo
  100. 100 votes for Donut You Love Coffee Tea Towel by robyriker
  101. 97 votes for You are sew cute by alinemonda
  102. 97 votes for Bugs and leaves by dyesandpigments
  103. 96 votes for "T" Towel by jamielewisdesigns
  104. 92 votes for (private design)
  105. 90 votes for SEAS THE DAY tea towel / wall hanging by mycouturemonde
  106. 88 votes for T Towel by christiebcurator
  107. 87 votes for Seas The Day tea towel by irishvikingdesigns
  108. 85 votes for Orange You Glad You Cleaned by arthousewife
  109. 83 votes for come to the sloth side... purple by bruxamagica
  110. 82 votes for Rather Cocktails! by gingerlique
  111. 81 votes for Fa La La Llama by gartmanstudio
  112. 80 votes for Math Counts by kimberly_guccione
  113. 79 votes for I'm in a Bed Mood by oppositedge
  114. 79 votes for Making Friends Tea Towel by mamasbrush
  115. 78 votes for punderful life-01 by blueskitty
  116. 78 votes for I Devour Books Pun Tea Towel by tiffanyheiger
  117. 76 votes for Attempted Murder by wildflowerfabrics
  118. 76 votes for 7151D487-EAA4-425E-A2BB-9DCDD37F6545 by jennifer_johnston
  119. 75 votes for GUACAMEOWLE by boadala
  120. 75 votes for Avocuddle tea towel by elena_naylor
  121. 75 votes for NeedleandThread by notbrownplaid
  122. 75 votes for Happy BearsDay by bora
  123. 75 votes for (private design)
  124. 74 votes for Wine Tea Towel by fiber_ink_design
  125. 74 votes for (private design)
  126. 74 votes for Coffee Black Tea Towel by wildflowerpapercompany
  127. 74 votes for ocean of puns tea towel by whatever-works
  128. 74 votes for Sticky Situation, Bun Intended by erijoyjoy
  129. 73 votes for SavetheDate by shesme
  130. 72 votes for Cactus Pun - 1 by heckadoodledo
  131. 72 votes for My Heart Beets for you, It's a Punderful Life by applebutterpattycake
  132. 71 votes for Don't stop the beet by groundnut_apiary
  133. 71 votes for Heart and Sole Tea Towel by beckarahn
  134. 70 votes for hard out here for a shrimp by dasbrooklyn
  135. 70 votes for Floripunda_Teatowel_CharlotteAnne by charlotte_anne
  136. 70 votes for NoMushRoom M+M Cobalt by Friztin by friztin
  137. 69 votes for Pun Towel by tracydb70
  138. 69 votes for (private design)
  139. 69 votes for Popular Rockabilly Fabrics Small Scale by vintage_style
  140. 68 votes for Pun Joke by rivlo
  141. 66 votes for jam session by dessineo
  142. 65 votes for bear naked beach by booboo_collective
  143. 65 votes for Koalaty family fun, Tea Towel by palifino
  144. 65 votes for Every Bunny Tea Towel by eclectic_house
  145. 65 votes for (private design)
  146. 65 votes for AVOCUDDLE-01 by tella_creations
  147. 64 votes for Where do astronauts hang out? by the_happy_alpaca
  148. 64 votes for Tee Towel by anneostroff
  149. 63 votes for Avogato - © Lucinda Wei by lucindawei
  150. 63 votes for my dream will come true by stargazingseamstress
  151. 63 votes for (private design)
  152. 62 votes for taco and burrito punsters kitchen tea towel pink mauve plum green by amy_g
  153. 62 votes for EggStatic-robin by shari_lynn_bennett_designs
  154. 62 votes for Tweet Yourself by sallabdesigns
  155. 61 votes for Tea Towel-Punderful by malibu_creative
  156. 60 votes for Pick Up Produce by Shari Lynn's Stitches by shari_lynn's_stitches
  157. 60 votes for Daily Moos Pun Tea Towel by karwilbedesigns
  158. 59 votes for A Thyme for Puns by salzanos
  159. 59 votes for 'Tea' Towel - Gold by pigeon_loft_prints
  160. 59 votes for (private design)
  161. 59 votes for (private design)
  162. 58 votes for Can't Tune-A-Fish_ towel blue grey by kae50
  163. 58 votes for Your Souper by kobelskidesigns
  164. 57 votes for Bone Apetit by chris_jorge
  165. 56 votes for Coffee Grounds Tea Towel by fabric_is_my_name
  166. 53 votes for Paws for thought tea towel by Mount Vic and Me by mountvicandme
  167. 53 votes for A Pizza Technology by julia_diane
  168. 53 votes for rice to meat you 2019 by analinea
  169. 52 votes for here4boos by dempsey
  170. 51 votes for Llama Lamp Groove by slumbermonkey
  171. 51 votes for Hawaiian Tea Towel - Here today Gone to Maui by kedoki
  172. 51 votes for Final_Puns_AliceClair by aliceclaircreative
  173. 49 votes for Raining Cats & Dogs by dalesimpsondesign
  174. 49 votes for TEE TEA TOWEL-AND WALL HANGING by soobloo
  175. 49 votes for Tennis Tea Towel by angelastevens
  176. 49 votes for Avocato by nicolettaarnolfini
  177. 49 votes for Bee My Neighbor - tea towel by learning
  178. 49 votes for a PIZZA my heart by elise_marie_textiles
  179. 49 votes for A Punderful Life - In Ireland by dovetail_designs
  180. 48 votes for (private design)
  181. 48 votes for A Beary Sketchy Pun Pattern by justdani
  182. 47 votes for Floral paronomasia tea towel by leroyj
  183. 47 votes for punnybreakfast by saspol
  184. 46 votes for Cat Grass Tea Towel by kittenmoonstudio
  185. 46 votes for coffee power by angela_sbandelli
  186. 46 votes for GrateOwloweenPun by maredesigns
  187. 44 votes for DinnerIsCervid by fleabat
  188. 44 votes for Half-Time-Tea-Towel-FINAL by florodoro
  189. 44 votes for T42 black-ed by uberdesigns
  190. 43 votes for I'M NOT IN THE MOOOD FOR IT by bluevelvet
  191. 43 votes for Cheese the Day! by bent_line_designs
  192. 43 votes for Glad to be orange by katawampus
  193. 43 votes for Love & Marriage Teatowel by helenpdesigns
  194. 43 votes for Kit-T-Towel by alohajean
  195. 43 votes for (private design)
  196. 42 votes for The Fempire Strikes Back! by jerseymurmurs
  197. 42 votes for Our Teacher Tortoise by mariaspeyer
  198. 42 votes for Kale me by copapod
  199. 41 votes for Taco Party! by spontaneousgood
  200. 40 votes for Fryday by theitsiegypsy
  201. 40 votes for dragon fruit tea towel by b0rwear
  202. 40 votes for ★ PARDON MY FRENCH! ★ French Slang Tea Towel / Collection : French Style :) Words & Breton Stripes Prints by borderlines
  203. 39 votes for Sew What White by craftystaci
  204. 39 votes for I Love You BERRY Much by stardusted_hearts
  205. 38 votes for ma-chick flute by zandloopster
  206. 37 votes for Doughnut Care by everhigh
  207. 36 votes for The Wide Mouth Frog by floramoon
  208. 36 votes for (private design)
  209. 35 votes for punteatowelfinal-01 by danielamdesigns
  210. 34 votes for bright Two Lips Tea towel by female_farmer
  211. 33 votes for Let 'em Eat Cake by lauren_mccrea
  212. 33 votes for 07998886 © literary liquor by sef
  213. 32 votes for nobody's purr-fect by the_hoarder's_art_room
  214. 32 votes for Machete Stain Red by inkysunshine
  215. 32 votes for (private design)
  216. 30 votes for T Towel by jadegordon
  217. 29 votes for Llama chef by jjdesignwithlove
  218. 29 votes for tight end pun by adultcontent
  219. 29 votes for Orthodox Christian Fasting Pun by st_tabithas_workshop
  220. 29 votes for Moosestaches by svaeth
  221. 28 votes for Gourdous Day by snaphappyscientist
  222. 28 votes for StrawBEARy Pancakes & Peonies by pond_ripple
  223. 27 votes for harmonized-homogenized by wren_leyland
  224. 27 votes for Pun - Noon to 12 pm - Yorkie Party by sherry-savannah
  225. 27 votes for You are so flowerful by juliaschumacher
  226. 26 votes for Raining Cats and Dogs! by scotlandyards
  227. 26 votes for Ewe and Eye by lavendermintgraphics
  228. 25 votes for Penne and VODKA Sauced... by cricket_lace
  229. 24 votes for retro bar skewers by cleorie_designs
  230. 21 votes for (private design)
  231. 21 votes for Atomic Treats Tea Towel by jjtrends
  232. 21 votes for punny tea towel by victorialasher
  233. 20 votes for Tea towel - Pavlova-ly Christmas by dustydiscoball
  234. 19 votes for Yoga with pets tea towel by lucybaribeau
  235. 18 votes for Hop-py Holidays Tea Towel by valerie_dortona
  236. 18 votes for Money Cents by b2b
  237. 18 votes for Ninjas Wear Sneakers by mongiesama
  238. 17 votes for Dreaming of Yummy Sushi Memories on Blue by wonderdreamswanderinspace
  239. 14 votes for dinnersaurscompositepurple90left by serenity_ii
  240. 13 votes for Price of Free Speach II by twilfley
  241. 12 votes for Poppy Kettle Eye Scream by pktextiles
  242. 11 votes for (private design)
  243. 11 votes for Human Race Wonder (cross grain) by elizabeth_chia
  244. 8 votes for memes's letterquilt by memes
  245. 8 votes for Pop joke by alandco
  246. 8 votes for Kamakaze Chickens Tea Towel by engravogirl
  247. 5 votes for SPF2-01 by vika_chumak
  248. 4 votes for Gin-Derful! by apalazon
  249. 4 votes for Brahms by annimo

It's a Punderful Life Tea Towel Details

  • The deadline for entries is Tuesday, September 18, 2018 at 3 PM EDT.
  • Entries will be submitted at the Linen Cotton Canvas Ultra fat quarter size (27″ x 18”), but will be previewed during voting as a Roostery x Spoonflower Special Edition Tea Towel.
  • All designs will be eligible for public voting, and the popular vote determines the top 50 winning designs.
  • Public designs previously uploaded on are not eligible for this contest. Designs do not require printed proofing to enter the contest.
  • Moderation will take place at the close of the contest deadline.
  • See our blog page for even more Design Challenge details and a list of previous themes.


  • 08/03/2018: Submissions open
  • 09/18/2018: Submissions close at 3pm EDT
  • 09/20/2018: Public voting opens
  • 09/24/2018: Public voting ends at 3pm EDT
  • 09/27/2018: Spoonflower will announce the winner

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