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We are excited to announce the winner of our Oceans Design Challenge: "Under the water" by Lavish_season! BucketFeet will use this design to help build a collection raising awareness about the environmental issues and the impact of rising sea levels on ocean health. The Challenge winner received $250 from BucketFeet and $150 from Spoonflower, a licensing contract for a run of footwear, and a pair of shoes featuring their design.


This Oceans challenge inspires designs that highlight the beauty, complexity, and drama of the sea. BucketFeet is building a collection of ocean-themed footwear to raise awareness about the environmental issues and the impact of rising sea levels on ocean health for World Ocean Day on June 8. The winning design will be a featured shoe in this summer’s collection release.


The winner of our Oceans Design Challenge receives $250 from BucketFeet, a licensing contract for a run of shoes (including royalties in the amount $1 per pair sold), a pair of BucketFeet shoes featuring their winning design, and $150 Spoonflower credit and a press release. All remaining entrants in the top ten receive $150 in Spoonflower credit.

The Winner

Under the water

The rest of the Top 10

(private design)
682 Votes
Turbulent Oceans
(private design)
621 Votes
582 Votes
Deep Blue Sea

The full list of entries and votes

  1. 951 votes for Under the water by lavish_season
  2. 909 votes for lion's mane jellyfish of ocean by mary15
  3. 815 votes for life at sea in aqua with Urchins and jelly fish by mimipinto
  4. 707 votes for Oh, the Hue-Manatee *Updated* by actuallycharming
  5. 682 votes for (private design)
  6. 627 votes for Turbulent Oceans by indiepixels
  7. 621 votes for (private design)
  8. 582 votes for seastar by laura_mooney
  9. 575 votes for 200 Feet Below - The Teeming Ocean by vo_aka_virginiao
  10. 565 votes for Deep Blue Sea by susannekasielke
  11. 547 votes for open blue by castl3t0n
  12. 540 votes for ocean watercolor, light ombre by holaholga
  13. 511 votes for ocean-life by gaiamarfurt
  14. 508 votes for Aquatic reflections of a super moon by orange_octopus
  15. 495 votes for Aqua Ocean by thickblackoutline
  16. 485 votes for Sea flowers by milu_swimwear
  17. 482 votes for Ocean by Dunia Nalu by dunia_nalu
  18. 475 votes for Waitui by melarmstrong
  19. 473 votes for Deep Ocean by meliszawang
  20. 470 votes for Sea meeting the sand by traskdesigns
  21. 469 votes for oceanic variety by zapi
  22. 461 votes for Whale Tribe (LARGE) by nouveau_bohemian
  23. 455 votes for OceanWaves by ghennah
  24. 454 votes for Deep Blue Sea - Navy by kayvandyken
  25. 446 votes for I whale always love you by ewa_brzozowska
  26. 439 votes for coral field by mirabelle_print
  27. 437 votes for Bucket Fish by jill_o_connor
  28. 431 votes for Life on the reef by cjldesigns
  29. 431 votes for One Fish Two Fish Blue Fish by kirstenkatz
  30. 425 votes for How Blue Is My Ocean by robinpickens
  31. 420 votes for Starfish & Coral Ocean Blues, by magentarosedesigns
  32. 416 votes for Tale of the Ocean by tiffanyheiger
  33. 409 votes for (private design)
  34. 407 votes for ocean_shoes_octopus by pauroyjj
  35. 404 votes for Great Kelp Forest by marzipress
  36. 398 votes for Tropical Lagoon by stephaniecoletextiles
  37. 394 votes for Deep sea by leventetladiscorde
  38. 391 votes for ocean_wildlife by la_fabriken
  39. 389 votes for Oceanic - Deep Sea Blue Fish by heatherdutton
  40. 384 votes for Turtle's Moonlit Walk by lisa_kubenez
  41. 369 votes for Starfish and Coral by rubydoor
  42. 368 votes for Life in the Great Barrier Reef by ceciliamok
  43. 366 votes for BucketfeetOceans by michiko_design
  44. 364 votes for save the narwhals by laura_may_designs
  45. 363 votes for Ocean waves by rachelmacdonald
  46. 353 votes for Surf's Up! by snowflower
  47. 350 votes for Ocean waves (large scale) by sveta_aho
  48. 325 votes for ShellPattern1 by krystalsmithing
  49. 325 votes for ocean by minyanna
  50. 321 votes for So many fish by heleenvanbuul
  51. 319 votes for Nautical Galaxy by lisa_guen_design
  52. 316 votes for ABSTRACT OCEAN by callaparis
  53. 315 votes for Microscopic Current by erinrahill93
  54. 313 votes for Ocean Waves by nethery
  55. 309 votes for whales block print fabric // fish water whales sea block print by andrea_lauren
  56. 302 votes for Ocean Dreams by pinkowlet
  57. 300 votes for Save Our Shoals by stitchyrichie
  58. 292 votes for Blooming Jellyfish by ceanirminger
  59. 289 votes for OceansDeep by lissad
  60. 287 votes for (private design)
  61. 281 votes for Pockets of Water by holly_mac
  62. 271 votes for Surfin' Peonies by cynthiafrenette
  63. 270 votes for New Fish in a New Ocean by emilyrosethomson
  64. 259 votes for (private design)
  65. 252 votes for Ocean Paradise by bybeck
  66. 248 votes for Pink Crown Fish on Gray by mariafaithgarcia
  67. 247 votes for Wave Goodbye by seesawboomerang
  68. 245 votes for ocean by angela_sbandelli
  69. 243 votes for Deep Love by papercanoefabricshop
  70. 242 votes for sea in a shell by mariaspeyer
  71. 242 votes for Seashells on the Beach v1 by noondaydesign
  72. 239 votes for coral_reef by valeri_nick
  73. 235 votes for Unicorn Of the Sea by namastemama
  74. 232 votes for Sea Turtle Family by Salzanos by salzanos
  75. 227 votes for oceans in danger by perlesdepluie
  76. 223 votes for Swimming with Sharks in Coral by figandfossil
  77. 222 votes for Beautiful Ocean by ellila
  78. 217 votes for (private design)
  79. 212 votes for Moanaloha 1a by muhlenkott
  80. 209 votes for ocean1 by radiocat
  81. 208 votes for abstract_waves_grey_blue_beige_seamless_pattern-01 by erikakorma
  82. 203 votes for Reef! by gasponce
  83. 203 votes for Underwater Dance by amysnotdeadyet
  84. 189 votes for Let the currents guide your heart by gemmalouisedesigns
  85. 189 votes for Coral Fish Under the Aqua Sea by paper_and_frill
  86. 188 votes for Ocean Creatures by klingercreative
  87. 184 votes for Crab Medley by poppybear
  88. 172 votes for Vibrant Ocean by wildnotions
  89. 165 votes for Deep by graceful
  90. 165 votes for Coral Reef Current by lulabelle
  91. 159 votes for Ocean_Drops by owlsquirrel&twobirds
  92. 138 votes for spoonflower-contest by katuno
  93. 94 votes for delicate sea life by booboo_collective
  94. 75 votes for Ocean by andalouz


Every Shoe Tells A Story

BucketFeet exists to make the world a brighter place, one step at a time. Every pair of BucketFeet shoes reflects the story of the artist who designed them. Discover the inspiration behind your next pair of shoes.


BucketFeet Oceans Finals Details

  • BucketFeet and Spoonflower will curate 100 designs from all entries for voting, and BucketFeet will choose the winner from the popularly-voted top ten designs.
  • Designs must be original work created for this contest. Designs previously published on the Internet are not eligible for this contest.
  • Designs will be previewed at 150 dpi in a fat-quarter size (21” x 18”) on the voting ballot.
  • Moderation will take place at the close of the contest deadline. Where designs are not clearly related to the Oceans theme visually, moderators will use design titles and descriptions to determine adherence to the theme.

Download Design Challenge Terms and Conditions


  • 05/02/2016: Submissions open
  • 05/12/2016: Submissions close at 3pm EDT
  • 05/19/2016: Public voting opens
  • 05/25/2016: Public voting ends at 3pm EDT
  • 05/26/2016: Spoonflower will announce the winner

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