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Spoonflower Design Challenge: Coffee (3-colors)

Coffee (3 Colors) Designs

Spoonflower Design Challenge: August 03, 2011

This contest winner TheBoerWar is actually a married couple in Toronto who decided to make 2011 the year they undertook the challenge of creating a new fabric design for every single Spoonflower Fabric Of the Week contest. You remember that we do these every week, right? So it really is a special pleasure to be able to announce that TheBoerWar's efforts have paid off in the form of a win in our coffee-themed design contest, which was full of brilliant work. So you can have one more coffee fabric for the road, or you can check out the top ten, all of which are now available for sale! Read more about <a href="">Coffee Fabric Contest Winner</a>.

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Retro Bar Cart Tea Towel

Barcartupdate_shop_thumb Rrrrrrrrrretro-pattern-01_shop_thumb Rrrrretro-tea-towel-final-pattern_shop_thumb Rrrrrretro_martinis_tea_towel_in_deep_aqua_and_olive_with_pattern_side_shop_thumb

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