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Spoonflower Magazine: Holiday Edition
Spoonflower Design Challenge: Roller Derby

Roller Derby Designs

Spoonflower Design Challenge: July 27, 2011

Congratulations to Julie Lynch, the Australian designer whose fabric design elbowed its way through a powerful competitive field in our Roller Derby contest. This is Julie's first win in a Fabric Of the Week contest, and she skated past some astonishingly talented designers to do it. So strap on your helmet and check out the top ten, all of which are now available for sale! Read more about <a href="">Roller Derby Fabric Rumble</a>.

Top 10 Roller Derby Designs

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Folk Art Tea Towel

Rrfolk_birds_9_12_19_on_slate_grdatn_w_htch_no_txtr_cc_pnk_ltn_bg_png_rotated_shop_thumb Mama_s_mole_folk_art_mexican_tea_towel_sideways1_shop_thumb Rfolk-art-print_shop_thumb Rrrrrrrr85b8389c-d72b-4a94-8fe0-a6347bf7cc43_shop_thumb

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