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Spoonflower Design Challenge: Butterflies (palette-limited)

Butterflies (Palette Limited) Designs

Spoonflower Design Challenge: July 13, 2011

This contest to create butterfly fabrics required designers to stick to a restricted palette of no more than six colors, but the winner turns out to be an artist who chose to work with only two of the six. Junghee Cho of New Jersey is a first-time winner of our Fabric Of the Week contest and her Butterfly-Daisy border print narrowly beat out a design by Melissa Wang of Singapore. It would be great to see a quilt made using fabric from the top ten designs, now that all of the top ten are for sale. Read more about <a href="">A Flock Of Butterfly Fabrics: The Winner Of Our Palette-Limited Fabric Design Contest</a>.

Top 10 Butterflies (Palette Limited) Designs

(private design)
(private design)
(private design)
(private design)
(private design)
(private design)

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