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Spoonflower Design Challenge: Kids' Contest

Kids' Contest Designs

Spoonflower Design Challenge: June 29, 2011

Eight-and-a-half year old Zoe of Oregon is the artist behind "Happy Fishes," the lovely fabric you see here. She won the most votes in our first fabric design contest for kids only and is one of 138 young artists who did an amazing job coming up with their own fabric designs for this week's Fabric Of the Week competition. Many, many people wrote to tell us they thought all the entries were terrific. Thank you to all of the kids and parents who participated. Keep up the great work! Read more about <a href="">Let's Hear It For Zoe, 8-Year-Old Winner Of Our Fabric Design Contest For Kids!</a>.

Top 10 Kids' Contest Designs

(private design)
(private design)
(private design)
(private design)

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Fair Isle

Rrrfair_isle_garden-01_shop_thumb Rrc6fb165a-598e-4b69-a15c-0ee92a938fa5_shop_thumb Rfaire_isle_swatch8x8_150_shop_thumb R9d9b85e1-4f86-4efd-802b-1d304c33b720_shop_thumb

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