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Spoonflower Design Challenge: Pinatas

Pinatas Designs

Spoonflower Design Challenge: January 20, 2016

This week, we celebrate Piñatas, our favorite treat-filled, papier-mache creations. If it's been a while since you've taken a swing at one, we encourage you to do it soon–it's just as fun as you remember. While we enjoy every contest, the entries for this design challenge were particularly vibrant and fun, which made us nostalgic for warmer months as we hunker down in this cold NC winter.

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Moon Landing with Princess Awesome

Rrdream_big_shop_thumb Rprincessmoonlanderfinal_shop_thumb R86e11dd8-59c1-452a-8a1e-9ddd4d4305f6_shop_thumb Rrman_lands_on_the_moon_shop_thumb

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