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Spoonflower Design Challenge: Staff Challenge

Staff Challenge Designs

Spoonflower Design Challenge: June 24, 2015

So much excitement has been in the air at Spoonflower HQ this past week! Folks have flocked from their desks, the print room, and the operations floor to try their odds at creating a winning design for the chance at having their design upholstered on a big, comfy chair of their own! The voters have spoken – check out the top ten Staff Challenge designs and give a big high five to Eloisa Docton for her winning design, Whimsy Floral Dots!

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Moon Landing with Princess Awesome

Rwith-dream-rocket-to-the-dream-moon_shop_thumb Rrout-of-this-world-by-amelia-forward-3a_shop_thumb Rrrccf_000031_ed_shop_thumb Rrluna-princess-awesome_shop_thumb

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