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Spoonflower Design Challenge: Islands

Islands Designs

Spoonflower Design Challenge: April 15, 2015

Join us in the islands among colorful birds, swaying palm trees, and fragrant tropical flowers! Big congratulations to eight-time Design Challenge winner Christine Witte for her top design, "Islands of Hawai'i: Flora & Fauna," and don't forget to check out the adventuresome top 10 winning designs for our Islands contest!

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It's a Punderful Life Tea Towel

R7991660_rrtea-rrific_pattern_spoonflower-01_shop_thumb Rmindyourbiscuits-b-02_shop_thumb Rrpun-tea-towel-wine-oclock-1-rotated-01_shop_thumb Carrot-on-tea-towel-18x27-90percent_shop_thumb

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