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Spoonflower Design Challenge: 1-Yard Tree Wall Hanging

1 Yard Tree Wall Hanging Designs

Spoonflower Design Challenge: December 04, 2013

This week we challenged Spoonflower designers to create 1-yard fabric wall hangings for the holidays. Our community chose 10 works of art that will bring a lovely touch of magic into your home! You'll find us curled up under winner, Cynthia Frenette's gorgeous christmas tree chalkboard design, sipping hot cocoa and writing a letter to Santa.

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Petal Solids Coordinates: Calm

Happy_koalas_relaxing_on_trees Gaia_calm_pine_reflections_tie_dye _%d0%a1alm_chicken_garden Petal_solids_coorginates_calm_gladiolus_pspst_6x6

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