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Spoonflower Design Challenge: Robot Cheater Quilts

Robot Cheater Quilts Designs

Spoonflower Design Challenge: March 14, 2012

Little boys all over can now celebrate a world with the potential to produce many more robot quilts. We are very excited to show you the top ten entries from our robot cheater quilt competition, the winner of which is Eloisa D., of Natitys Design, a "fabric-o-holic" from Florida whose design won the most votes out of a group of fabulous entries. Read more about <a href="">the Robot Cheater Quilt Top 10</a>.

Top 10 Robot Cheater Quilts Designs

(private design)

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Retro Bar Cart Tea Towel

Rretro_bar_towel_shop_thumb R1c26fc33-6f8a-406b-bc13-ef9653fe4a37_shop_thumb Rreclectic_florals_-_blue_shop_thumb Rrra37ab27f-0e1b-48ff-8757-311cc3709a04_shop_thumb

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