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Spoonflower Design Challenge: Ditsy Prints

Ditsy Prints Designs

Spoonflower Design Challenge: October 05, 2011

Maybe it's the novelty of having a theme based on small prints for the first time, but the batch of fabrics coming out of the ditsy print contest this week has already made it one of my favorites. The winner turns out to be Virginie Ozanon, a young artist from Lyon, France, who goes by the moniker demigoutte on our site. Congratulations, Virginie, on your first win! Read more about <a href="">Ditsy For Ditsy: One Of Our Best Contests Ever</a>.

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Moon Landing with Princess Awesome

Rrrrrrrrrrapollo-11-1-15-19-pale-blue-cad-blue-gry-wht-crmsn-on-blk-recrop_shop_thumb Rrrrrrdark-side-of-the-moon_shop_thumb Rrrrrapollo_11_moon_walk_challenge__shop_thumb Rprincessawesomeexplore_shop_thumb

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