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Spoonflower Design Challenge: Living In A Jane Austen Novel

Living In A Jane Austen Novel Designs

Spoonflower Design Challenge: April 03, 2013

We asked the community to submit fabric designs inspired by the idea of living in a Jane Austen novel and they came up with a broad array of styles and interpretations that turned out to be a lot of fun to peruse. The top spot goes to Jean Maze, a first-time winner who put together a design based on quotes from the novels paired with objects from Jane Austen's era of history. Congrats to Jean and to the rest of the top ten!

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Circles Are the New Triangle

Rfloral_mandala_pattern_zeichenfl_che_1_shop_thumb Rrrcircles-for-july-one-circle-try-3_shop_thumb Rrrrrrrblue-fruit-slices_shop_thumb Rrrrbubbles_shop_thumb

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