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Spoonflower Design Challenge: Craft Party Cut & Sew

Craft Party Cut & Sew Designs

Spoonflower Design Challenge: August 15, 2012

On August 24th, our friends over at Etsy will host their <a href="" target="new">2012 Craft Party</a>. We asked our community of designers to create cut & sew patterns for the occasion. The winning pattern -- "Fun Finches" by PotBellyBear -- will be featured on the <a href="" target="new">How-Tuesday series</a> on the Etsy blog.

Top 10 Craft Party Cut & Sew Designs

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Arctic Animals

Rwe_are_the_walruses_shop_thumb R67643cd2-bfbb-456a-8afb-556305301db1_shop_thumb Rrarcticfox-x-2-offset-snowflake-bg_shop_thumb Rimaginary_polar_bear_dance_21___copyright_2017_by_edward_huse_edhuse.com_12dec17_shop_thumb

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