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All designs by Joan Caronil

Just a Mediterrenean creative spirit, with love for the Nature, the Environment & Biodiversity, seeking to offer a naive vision of aesthetics, and share this own point of view through different designs. Tending to be natural, colorful and passionate.

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This collection is inspired on the awesome Marine Creatures that could be found in the Pacific Coast Australia and Tasmania, the Coral Sea, the Tasmanian Sea, the Timor Sea and the Indic Ocean. Inspired in the Marine Biology and with the same philosophy used while creating the collection " Crazy Microscope ", it offers a wide range of colours and shapes that pops up in our minds to could offer a nice fresh sensation and attractiveness. From the Tasmanian endemic Handfish, to the Nudibranchs, passing through the tropical Crown-of-Thorns Starfish predator of corals, , Ctenophora, Seadragons, Ghost Pipefishes, etc... I hope you will like them and the colours will transport you to the South Pacific and Australian&Tasmanian seas.

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