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All designs by Joan Caronil

Just a Mediterrenean creative spirit, with love for the Nature, the Environment & Biodiversity, seeking to offer a naive vision of aesthetics, and share this own point of view through different designs. Tending to be natural, colorful and passionate.

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Pin&Pon, two fancy colours, one single design that pops deeply into our eyes and mind, to make us rediscover the childhood´s feelings, the spring evenings, and the long summer happy days. Inspired in the school years, and the magical view through a Microscope, crazy of course :-), or a magnifying glass. It offers an unique combination, that represents the marine fauna, and the same sea creatures from the North East Pacific, showed at the collection ¨Crazy Microscope at Monterey Bay ¨, but expressed in a more open way. This collection becomes a perfect match! It can be shown, in request, with different scales and different patterns ( basic, half-drop, half-brick, or mirror ), but for this preview, I´ve chosen the half-brick. I hope you will like it!!

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