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All designs by C. Wren Leyland

Thanks to all who used my fabric, and sent compliments! All designs are original drawings unless specified; all rights reserved. You may sell crafts made with my spoon-printed fabric, or purchase licensing rights. Upload your photos!

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This collection heralds the customs of European alpine countries: Slovenia, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Liechtenstein, Monaco. Some designs were made for cut-and-sew crafts or festival attire.This fabric is surface-printed and available at different weights and widths. It can be combined with woven fabrics for richer depth, or embroidered upon. Ideas: Bring an alpine wine bottle bag to a St. Alban's Day dinner party Wrap strudel, lebkuchen, and chocolate gifts in fabric Add curtains and tablecloths to your German bakery or brewhaus Sew stuffed basilisks, e-reader cases, and children's dance clothes to sell at alpine festivals Add a vendor booth backdrop or tablecloth for Oktoberfests Decorate your European wedding with voile hangings over dowels Adorn dirndles and lederhosen suspenders for oompah bands, cowbell competitions, Swiss yodel fests, polka clubs, and alpenhorn meetups. Offer cloth napkins at the dividing of the cheese

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