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All designs by C. Wren

Wonderful subtleties are possible in digital printing --so I explore textures of watercolor, oil painting, and batik. You may sell fiber arts made with my rights-reserved Spoon-printed designs. Post links to show what you've made!

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Designs based on my drawing of the Lindisfarne Cross, and an antique book cover with dragons. A large variety of Celtic twists and turns.This fabric is surface-printed and available at different weights and widths. It can be combined with woven fabrics for richer depth, or embroidered upon. Ideas: Bring a Celtic knot bag to Saint Patrick's Day events Add a vendor booth backdrop or tablecloth at the Irish festivals, Renaissance fair, or Welsh Eisteddfod Wrap Celtic candles, Claddagh rings, meat pies and shortbread gifts in fabric Sew stuffed animals, phone cases, and children's clothes to sell at festivals Decorate your Irish wedding with voile hangings over dowels Design outifts for fiddler groups, bard bands, Renaissance masquerades, bagpipe parades, and theater costumes. Add atmosphere to your Scottish bakery or Irish pub with Celtic curtains and tablecloths Make fake chain mail for your band, tattoo parlor, or knife shop Dab competitors' sweat at Highland games Offer napkins at haggis eating contests

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