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I have always lived near the ocean, I have always loved the sea. When I was a little girl, my Dad used to say I was going to grow fins, because I {and my brothers} would be swimming either at the pool or the beach every second we had free. I have always believed in Mermaids {or wanted to, you know what I mean!} and they are my most absolute favorite character, they represent magic and sea to me, the two non-family and friends and chocolate things I appreciate most in life. Now, my family and I live in a town called Crystal River, in Florida. This is the home of the Manatee, during the winter, you can easily see 15-20 manatees in the water while strolling in your boat, you can even swim with them. It is a magical place, and a beautiful place at that. We feel very fortunate to live here now, especially after so many years of navy-enforced moves, we get to relax and see nature every day. My children, of course, now spend most of their free time swimming now, they are my "mermaids". And it is with them in mind, that I doodled these cute sirens. I hope you like them!

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