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Blue states wipe Red off the map in study revealing

America’s True Colors:
Blue, Black, Gray

Based on interior decor purchases

The West Coast likes black decor, the South prefers gray, and the North & East blue, as reveals top color in each state, city

America’s true colors are not red, white and blue, after all, but blue, black and gray, according to a new study ranking the country’s favorite colors based on interior decor purchases.

There are also strong regional differences in color preferences, reveals the study, conducted by Spoonflower. California and the West buy black decor most; the South likes gray; the Northeast, Midwest and the Plains prefer blue.

The top six colors nationally are blue, black, gray, pink, white and green.

The study’s most surprising findings for color experts include: the dismal ranking of red, in just seventh place; the high ranking of neutral colors, with black, gray and white all in the national top five; and the popularity of pink, named the most purchased color in no less five U.S. cities.

"Not only have blue states wiped red ones off the map" says Allison Polish, President of Spoonflower, "but cool (blue, green) and neutral (black, gray, white) colors have left warm ones in the cold."

Color Flag Infographic

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METHODOLOGY: Spoonflower crunched the data from nearly 200,000 purchases of custom fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap by its customers over a two-year period and organized them under 15 color categories. It then weighted the scores by first identifying the number of customers buying a particular color in any given state or city and then dividing that number by the total number of Spoonflower customers in that state or city. That gave a better measure of the popularity for each color in any city or state and so identified the most popular/most purchased color in each state and city.

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