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movable type fabric by sef on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 21.0 x 18.0 inches

"MOVABLE TYPE" written in movable type.
In the old days, one used to have to create a carving for every page one wanted to print. Then various people (at separate times in separate places) invented the idea of movable type. It worked better in countries with limited alphabets (rather than excessive numbers of ideograms or pattern blocks). But it was a marvellous thing, having a huge impact on civilisation, alongside the printing press, until the arrival of computer controlled printing ...

Note 1: in movable type (which this isn't because it's not really 3D and will be fixed in place on the fabric when printed!) the letters have to be reversed in shape and in order so that they print the right way round on a page. The image file uploaded here can of course be set to be either the realistic or the more easily readable reflected version.

Note 2: the glitches in the main images are purely the usual Spoonflower display artifact, squashing the image on adding the rulers, which always makes the biggest mess of diagonal lines at the repeat boundaries. For the non-glitched version of the repeated image see the link given in the Embed text under the main image.

Other colours, stylings, sizes and orientations are available on request and you can even ask for a combination of several designs together.

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by: sef

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4.00in x 4.62in, 156 pixels/inch,
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