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50s UFO invasion border skirt fabric by sef on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 42.0 x 36.0 inches

A temporary custom reworking of the original UFO invasion design.
Currently set to a 2-sided border version of the daytime UFO invasion design. This is only suitable for printing on 42 inch wide fabrics. For a different fabric width, ask for another custom revision.

By ordering a yard of this and cutting the width in half (there's a thin white guide line!) the pieces can then be rejoined at their edges using the unprinted fabric as the seam allowance. This can be pleated, gathered or darted at the top to make a very full 50s style skirt.

The print forms a 21 inch drop (with the selvedge forming the hem) and you either lose about an inch in folding over an elasticated waistband at the top or add on a separate waistband section from elsewhere in a compatible fabric colour - perhaps silver!

by: sef

Design Scale Options:

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18.00in x 5.14in, 350 pixels/inch,
x repeats across a roll

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This design is not yet for sale, but sign up and send Sef a message if you'd like to buy it.


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