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Hound Dog Hats( Cut and Sew) fabric by krussimages on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 21.0 x 18.0 inches

Syd is a rake,a rascal, an all around hound dog when it comes to a party. Hats for the party animal in you! Cut/Sew directions are on the design page.
CUT AND SEW DIRECTIONS: You can make 1-4 Hound Dog Hats with a fat quarter of most fabrics. Basic instructions are for one, lined, reversible party hat. Circumference approximately 20 inches. See notes below for altering hat size and making more than one hat. 1. Iron fabric. 2.Trim vertical (short) sides to approx. 1/2" black border outside yellow lines. Trim top and bottom to outer black edges of print. 3. Cut design horizontally between design pairs. You will have 2 fabric pieces with side by side images of Syd. 4.Fold each piece in the middle, right sides together. You will have 2 separate hats wrong sides out. 5. Pin/baste side and top selvages of both hats. LEAVE BOTTOM EDGES OPEN. 6. Stitch basted edges together using 1/4" seam allowance on both hats. 7.Turn and press one hat so Syd is visible front and back. 8. Press the second hat but leave the print inside. This will be the lining. 9. Slip the lining inside the hat, matching seams and bottom edges. 10.Syd should be visible front and back, inside and out. 11.Fold and iron bottom fabric edges inside 1/4" or more, depending on hat height desired, right sides facing ( Remember, this is a reversible hat.). Stitch bottom edges together. 12. Iron your hat, and go to a party! NOTE: * Your hat may be stabilized by using fusible interfacing or plastic canvas/mesh before stitching the hat closed. * For 2 hats, replace lining with alternate fabric, or leave the hats unlined. For 4, cut panels apart and replace back and lining with alternate fabric. For a larger hat, add elastic, velcro or extra fabric to side seams. For a smaller hat, make side seams larger than 1/4". Happy New Year! Syd, the secretary cats and I would love to see your Hound Dog Hat photos. Enjoy, Kim and the krussimages family This design is an original photograph by Kim Russ@krussimages. Design details added from Spoonflower's Picmonkey connection and from my cellphone's free clip art.
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