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Dreaming of the Stars fabric by edsel2084 on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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Hearts, ovals, and snaking vines combine with an overkill of stars in this patchwork format arts and crafts (aka craftsman) style geometric twist.
The hyearts are big and interlink tops with each other, creating a four pointed star of their own. Within them are batik style background dots, little boxes, and stars, and more stars, and even more stars. The milky way has got nothing on the number of stars in this design.
Overall the look here is a roaring twenties style. But as I said, this is the earlier arts and crafts style that came before art deco. It has more ornamentation and curls.

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Dreaming of the Stars

by edsel2084
To see more of this artist's work use they keyword 2084 alone or in combination with a subject word such as 2084+stars.
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