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The Biggest Little Pests at Your Picnic (Ants!) fabric by amy_g on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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Here are the foods our little ant friends are carrying away from our picnic: Cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, Cheez-its (the best crackers EVER!), Swiss cheese, can of soda (including bubbles), blueberries, ear of corn, watermelon, banana, donut, apples, chicken leg, hot dog, oranges, strawberries and Cheetos.....mmmmmmm....Cheetos. This design would be perfect for napkins, tablecloth, tea towels, kitchen goodies, even aprons! This is a tossed, non-directional design.

The Biggest Little Pests at Your Picnic (Ants!)

By: amy_g
These little pesky ants are hard to avoid at a've got to give them an A for effort-they just don't give up! Arrgghhh...there goes our food!:o) This is my entry in the Picnics contest. I hope you enjoy my design and I thank you for stopping
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