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frogs and tadpoles and frog eggs, oh my! - unisex fabric by victorialasher on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 8.0 x 8.0 inches

Big frogs, little frogs, tiny frogs, swimming frogs, leaping frogs, sitting frogs, tadpoles, and frog eggs; all in a pond full of lily pads. No flowers, so suitable for male or female. See note below on fuzzy preview.
Odd sized files often display out of focus as this is doing. The actual design is not fuzzy and I have uploaded a "fabric image" so you can see that it is clear, and see some of the detail.

I intend to make this smaller after the contest. I guess I could have made it smaller for the contest; but I forgot it was going to be in swatch size. You can see the whole design in the current swatch view; but not the diagonal layout. To see the layout, click on the "fat quarter" or "yard" views in the drop down menu where it says "test swatch".

Design Scale Options:

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31.50in x 33.00in, 150 pixels/inch,
x repeats across a roll

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