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Sagittarius the Centaur Archer Olive fabric by smuk on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 8.0 x 8.0 inches

Sagittarius: The Archer November 23 to December 21 The animal associated with your sign is the centaur. The Greek love for the horse led to the ennoblement of the centaur in myth and legend. The Centaur Chiron was known for his wisdom and healing abi
Traditional Sagittarius Traits Optimistic and freedom-loving Jovial and good-humored Honest and straightforward Intellectual and philosophical On the dark side.... Blindly optimistic and careless Irresponsible and superficial Tactless and restless Your ruling planet is JUPITER The color of choice for Sagittarius is RICH PURPLE Your Starstone is the TOPAZ Topaz, the gem comes in many different colors and is a member of the quartz group. LIKES Traveling getting to the heart of the matter Freedom Laws and meanings the general 'feel' of things DISLIKES Off the wall theories being tied down domestically Being constrained cooling your heels bothered with details

by: smuk

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6.01in x 9.41in, 388 pixels/inch,
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