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A Twist of Fate fabric by anniedeb on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 21.0 x 18.0 inches

An ancient mosaic was recently discovered during an architectural dig in Greece. We have had it all wrong, lo, these many centuries. See details.
We’ve been depicting the Fates also known as the Moirai, as crones, when in fact they were crows! In Greek mythology, crows were either tricksters or harbingers of death. Thus, I thought it appropriate I use this bird in my design. In my twist on the Greek myth of the Fates, there are three crows who measure out a human’s life: Clotho, the spinner of the thread of life; Lachesis who measures the thread; and Atropos who cuts the thread. My crow Atropos was born without eyes -- she does not know whose thread or where in that human’s life she is slicing the thread of life with her beak. The cutting is done without malice – it is just a task that has to be done. The scene in my design is the last act – the cutting of the thread of life. I imagine the thread of life to be a rainbow of bright colors rather than a single colorless thread. My entry in the Spoonflower Greek mythology contest. (And, of course, I know the Fates are really depicted as three women but I object to "crones" or "hags," thus the crows.) fabric - 450 dpi - half brick repeat wallpaper - 525 dpi -half brick repeat gift wrap - 726 dpi - half brick repeat

by: anniedeb

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