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Mary Jane's Gone Fishing fabric by whimzwhirled on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 21.0 x 18.0 inches

This fabric design promotes my strong belief that the United States needs to start producing Cannabis for both medicinal and industrial use and here is why....
This fabric design promotes my strong belief that the United States needs to start producing Cannabis for both medicinal and industrial use and here is why. First, during my cancer treatments I reacquainted myself with the miracle of hemp. Suggested to me by a nurse who saw I wasn't doing well with the pharmaceuticals the hospital was giving me for the trouble I was having eating. The pills they gave me caused sever dizziness and didn't work that well. Two hits of pot and I could eat, the stomach cramps stopped in seconds and it played a big part in saving my life. Marijuana is also well documented as the best treatment for crones disease and many other physical and mental health issues. Then there is the nutritional value. Hemp seeds have the highest volumn of amino fatty acids of any known plant on Earth, far surpassing even flax seed. Used as flour in breads and snacks it is what we consider a super food in both the amount of nutrition and the body's ability to break down and use that nutrition. Then there is industry. Hemp oils can replace any petroleum product on the market. It can also be used to make a cleaner, better burning ethanol for gas but the big deal here is that growing hemp does not destroy the earths nutriant level like corn does and can be planted in the same fields every year which means more productive land per foot than corn. We would never have to cut another tree for paper and many building products. Hemp is a yearly renewable product that makes a better, stronger, longer lasting paper than wood without all the acids of wood. It also makes a stronger composite building board than sawdust. Clothing textiles are super strong and long lasting made from hemp and a whole lot easier to grow and pick than cotton. There is no existing industry that couldn't benefit from hemp oil to run their machines bringing our dependance on fossil fuels down to nothing. It can make plastics stronger with less environmental impact, to be used in everything from home building to air planes and has the strength to do it better than any current products. So here sweet Mary Jane is helping me educate folks as to why it is so important to stop the prohibition of Marijuana. Speak to your law makers and set forth a smart plan for our future. This would create so many jobs and bring a clean industry to the US that is so needed. The plant exist to nurture us and we can not allow our government to continue to deny us the benefits of this magical weed.
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