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Becoming Accomplished fabric by winterblossom on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 21.0 x 18.0 inches

Jane Austen wrote about a particular class of society in England. The goal for all women of that class was to get married. To achieve this goal, girls from an early age had to become accomplished in either or all in singing, dancing, piano forte, holding a conversation and maintaining a beautiful but modest appearance. Dress, speech and conduct was finely tuned and comformity was essential. Being held in tightly by societys expectations is reflected in the corsets women of a certain class had to wear. Women had to have long hair, long dresses, cover their heads when out in public and maintain a 'certain appearance'. Appearances are everything in Jane Austen's society. So are words. All the words in the design reflect what life was like in the society Jane Austen writes about.. It also reflects the habits, values and customs of the time. What I like about Jane Austen's society that she describes is that everyone knows their place, knows what is expected of them. Values such as manners, politeness, the art of good conversation and modesty of women is very appealing. Women had great dignity and men were encouraged to behave gentlemanly and honour and integrity was everything. I would have fitted in as I enjoy doing tapestry and I like being treated like a lady and I do love and appreciate culture and refinement.
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