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Preview scale: 21.0 x 18.0 inches

Rhinos and waterholes. Design inspired by the turn of the 19th century raffia textiles and wood carvings of the multi-ethnic Kuba peoples of Zaire in equatorial Africa. 49th out of 296 entries (with 143 votes) in the African-inspired Contest: thanks to all who voted!
© Su Schaefer 2013

The Kuba have been described as "a people who cannot bear to leave a surface without ornament" (Wikipedia). Textile conservator Ann E. Svenson describes Kuba textiles as "simultaneously bold and intricate, dramatic and subdued, irregular and ordered, as well as asymmetrical and balanced. In all cases they are fluid, visually engaging and full of surprises".

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Hand drawn, linen-weave applied, half-brick repeat.
[Currently set @ Fabric: 300 ppi; Wallpaper: 200; Gift wrap: 333 ppi]

Rhinos and waterholes by Su_G

by: su_g

Rhinos and waterholes, design inspired by the textiles and wood carvings of the multi-ethnic Kuba peoples of Zaire. © Su Schaefer 2013
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