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TOOTYMAN fabric by bzbdesigner on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 21.0 x 18.0 inches

TOOTYMAN THE TRUE STORY: When my son, Teaghan was around 6 years old he had a gas problem...
TOOTYMAN THE TRUE STORY: When my son, Teaghan was around 6 years old he had a gas problem. He got tired of people asking him if he was the reason it smelled. So he decided to go with it and started calling himself "Tootyman". He would be a super hero that fought crime with "toxic gas". ~~~~~ Now, it was the first week of school and his kindergarten teacher wanted to talk to me, she said "I don't know if Teaghan is sick or something but he sure has a lot of gas". Trying not to smile I was thinking… "that's my boy". Who knew you could buy a child's Russian gas mask on Ebay but it was perfect touch to completing his Tootyman costume. ~~~~~ Fast forward a year and Teaghan has an audition for a TV commercial where he had to come dressed as a super hero. You guessed it, he went as Tootyman. He landed the job and got a starring role in a Super Bowl commercial for Universal Studios. I'm not sure why boys like to be gross and think stinky smells are funny but they do? ~~~~~ Teaghan also added two sidekicks Buddy our labradoodle became Stinky Dog Breath and his big sister is Smelly Foot Girl (and you would know how she got that name if you were around when she takes off her soccer cleats.) ~~~~~ Ok, maybe TOOTYMAN wouldn't be a super hero to a Mom but to any boy 6 to 12 years old he would definitely get a thumbs up. ToOtYMaN~
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21.00in x 18.00in, 150 pixels/inch,
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