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What Cat ? fabric by krussimages on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 21.0 x 18.0 inches

What do cats, a "CAT" tractor and arrows have in common? They are all used as design elements in this smile-worthy collage from krussimages.Enjoy!
So, one amazingly sunny day in this southern Washington summer I was stopped in traffic behind,what else, a bright yellow tractor.(Yes, we are a rather rural town). All of my spoonflower arrow ideas had missed the mark and I was looking for inspiration. Yahoo ! There was the "Cat" sign,complete with arrow, right in front of me.With a little luck I got a cellphone camera shot before the stoplight changed. On the same day I received this portrait of our Mack cat(photo credit to our way cool actor/comedian,an amazing artist in his own right who occasionally contributes to the family spoonflower shop.Thanks,Eric ! )A few snapshots of the idling tractor ,a few dozen cellphone camera tweeks and voila ! Just plain fun.We hope it brings you a smile.Enjoy!
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4.01in x 4.21in, 168 pixels/inch,
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