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They creep me out - small - golden pumpkin fabric by victorialasher on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 21.0 x 18.0 inches

Creepy-crawlie fabric destroyers. See a full description below. A good fabric for a cedar sachet to tuck in a drawer or hang in your closet.
Not a pretty sight! You don't want to see any of these guys around your house. They will eat your clothes; although one of them would prefer to eat your house. Some of them might prefer your books or your food; but they will all eat your clothes (cue spooky, danger lurking, music), if they get hungry enough.

Adult clothes moths, carpet beetles, dermestid beetles, silverfish/firebrats, crickets, roaches, and termites; along with the larval form of clothes moth and the two beetles.

These were all original sketches done by the designer and scanned into the computer. If you would like to see them in their original size and detail go here.

Please do not use any of these images without permission.

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10.00in x 10.00in, 150 pixels/inch,
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