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warm, cold, occluded fabric by sef on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 21.0 x 18.0 inches

The sheer effrontery of the weather.
The sheer effrontery of the weather.

In the old days, when meteorologists were real meteorologists, presenters didn't fancy themselves as celebrities and the public were expected to value education; weather charts used to have isobars and the front lines of air masses, ie "fronts", marked on them instead of sun smiley stickers and the like. Though they do sometimes show radar tracking of rain (and forecasted simulations of this) on modern maps, the fronts and other traditional notation details (from which informed people could make their own predictions) are typically no longer shown.

Note that this is not a real weather map. The fronts are merely overlaid on each other decoratively - with patterned centres. Other colours, stylings, sizes and orientations are available on request and you can even ask for a combination of several designs together.

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by: sef

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